It’s been confirmed that Transformers Prime has been canceled and I’m pretty bummed about it. Season three, Beast Hunters, is going to be the last, ending with a movie. I really can’t say I’m all that surprised that the series was canceled, there were some definite mistakes made, no doubt. The MECH storyline never really seem to go anywhere and it was a very odd addition to the series. It seemed more appropriate for the Transformers Rescue Bots series.

For me, another big problem with the series was the character of Miko. She was such an annoying, obnoxious distraction to any storyline she was in. Her constant interference and deliberately putting herself and everyone else in danger got real stale real fast. Her rude response at her initial meeting with Optimus Prime, “Is there going to be a quiz?” and her indifference to the Autobots’ grief at the loss Cliffjumper, coupled with her constant insults and verbal jabs and Raf and Jack, made Miko truly unlikable.

I have to admit, I always wanted Barricade to show up and step on Miko. Oh, who am I kidding, I would’ve been happy for any of them to step on Miko. I just love Barricade and wanted to see him.

For me it was always a tossup between her and Sari from Transformers Animated as to which one was more obnoxious. Having to listen to tween girls prattle on about how they could kick Transformers aftplates was beyond stupid.

There needs to be a larger core of centralized Autobot and Decepticon characters as well. Five Autobots and an occasional appearance by Wheeljack and the late addition of Smokescreen wasn’t enough. Too many good Autobots were missing, there was no Prowl, or Jazz, or the Twins, Wheeljack shouldn’t be reduced to a few scattered episodes. Cliffjumper was killed off in the first few minutes of the first episode.

For the Decepticons, the absence of two of the Elite Trine, Thundercracker and Skywarp was just odd. Seekers need their trine. Where were Soundwave’s symbiotes, Ravage, Rumble or Frenzy?   I think the show suffered because of the lack of characters.

There were good storylines, the Unicron awakening and the search for the relics and final battle for Cybertron really showed what the series could have been. The infighting between the Decepticons is always good to see. For a faction that spends almost as much time fighting themselves as the Autobots, one wonders how they’ve been so successful and survived for so long.

I have high hopes for the final season of Prime and the new series, but for Primus’ sake would you have Bumblebee talk.