I’ve had better days. Oh, I’ve had much worse than the last few weeks, but these last few weeks have just been a conglomeration of disappointment. I haven’t heard back from any of the jobs I’ve applied for. My lack of employment opportunities has led to an eagle-eyed watching of my finances.

This means I must pass on all the new Transformer toy releases. There will be no autographs from the upcoming Emerald City Comic Con and to be frank, no anything other than food. To make the finances more fun, we’re getting consecutive snow storms that I get to pay to have shoveled away.


I tried out for a voice part in a Transformers video and never heard back on that either. The parts were being given out last week.


And just to put that cherry on my disappointment sundae, I threw away my new asthma inhaler. I picked it up while cleaning, and since I had a bunch of stuff in my hand, I didn’t feel that it was the full one, and tossed it. Now I’ll have to pay out of pocket for the refill.


So no, there hasn’t been anything terribly wrong, just a lot of little disappointments that have led to a big bowl of down in the dumps soup.