Game of Thrones has ended and a great many people are disappointed in the ending, and Daenerys’ so-called descent into madness. I’m one of those people. I don’t believe Daenerys became the “Mad Queen”. From Season 1, she made it perfectly clear that her enemies would die screaming and it was her intent to burn King’s Landing to the ground. Why it would shock anyone who listened to her for the preceding seven seasons is beyond me.

Daenerys was no Mad Queen. She was in fact, the savior of mankind and deserved much better. The only reason Arya was able to kill the Night King was because of Daenerys. Had she not flown North and saved Jon and his group during their near-fatal trip to the north to capture one of the Deads’ soldiers, The Hound and Beric Dondarrion would not have been at Winterfell to save Arya when she was overwhelmed by the Dead. Arya would have died, plain and simple.

Winterfell never would have had a chance. As I mentioned, The Hound and Beric would not have been there. Neither would have Jorah, the Unsullied, or Dothraki. Jon was the one to rally the Free Folk to join the fight. Who knows what they would have been done, had Jon not been there? Without Daenerys, the Battle of Winterfell would have been one-sided, in which the Northmen, Brienne, Poderik, and Jamie would have been quickly overwhelmed and defeated.

Nothing would have stopped the Night King, Wights and Army of the Dead on their march South. Cersei would have thrown every person in Westeros and King’s Landing in front of her to protect herself. Would she have fled with Euron to the Iron Islands when the Dead approached? No one knows. And no one knows because Daenerys risked her life, and her dragons to save Jon and his crew, and then again, when she fought for the North, losing huge numbers of her armies.

Yes, Daenerys destroyed King’s Landing and those who lived there. As she said she was going to do. Cersei locked the people of King’s Landing inside the walls to use them as a human shield. She believed Daenerys’ compassion would prevent her from destroying the city. Her plan failed.

Tyrion, Jon, and Varys all plotted against Daenerys. Varys said she was too strong and could bend Jon to her will. When a woman’s strength is beneficial to the goals of men, they support her. When her strength prevents her from being manipulated by them, they plotted against her.

Daenerys’ strength and will saved the Seven Kingdoms and the World of Men and the men she trusted, plotted against her and killed her. Perhaps she should have taken her Dothraki, Unsullied and dragons and sailed back to the Grass Sea and remained the Khaleesi. They loved and her strength and strong will and appreciated her ruthlessness when she showed it.

She should have left Westeros, the Seven Kingdoms, Jon, Tyrion, Varys, the Starks and Lannisters to the Army of the Dead.


The Dragon Queen deserved better.