We can learn a lot from nature if we pay attention. There was an excellent life lesson outside my kitchen window yesterday, courtesy of nature. While doing the dishes I saw that Mr. Bluejay was sitting in a tree minding his own business. Obnoxious Squirrel decided it had nothing better to do than harass Mr. Bluejay. Obnoxious Squirrel chased Mr. Bluejay from branch to branch. No matter what branch the bluejay flew too, that pest of a squirrel was hot on his feathers.

Bluejay flew to an adjacent tree and that did nothing to deter the fuzzy bully. The squirrel hopped right over and continued his antagonism. I was on my outside to yell out and break-up the bully-session up when Mrs. Bluejay took matters into her own wings. She dive-bombed the squirrel who began running from branch to branch and tree to tree to escape the avenging bird. His attempts at escape were epic failures. Mrs. Bluejay was even more relentless in her attack than the squirrel had been with its bullying.

Finally, the fuzzy twerp jumped to the ground and ran for its life. Satisfied that the jerk squirrel was finally gone for good and perhaps that justice had been meted out, Mrs. Bluejay landed next to Mr. Bluejay.  They sat together for a moment or two and then flew off together.

Life lesson. Don’t be a bully. Someone is probably watching and you will be held accountable and the one who is watching may very well be a whole lot tougher than you.